Body & Holistic Treatments

Ease tension, relieve stress and promote a state of well being.

Swedish Massage
Full Body (1 hour) £42
Back, Neck & Shoulders (30 mins) £24
Foot & Leg (30 mins) £24

Using Swedish massage techniques, stiffness, aches and knots are eased away. Specific pressure is tailored to help achieve an optimum state of relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Full Body (1 hour) £45
Back (30 mins) £26

Firm pressure is used to release knots and offer relief for aching muscles.

Hot Stone Massage
Full Body (1 hour) £48
Back (30 mins) £28

Soothe body and mind with this divine treatment. Using warmed stones and aromatic balm, feel all your tension melt away.

Signature Bamboo Massage
Full Body (1 hour) £45
Back (30 mins) £26
Food & Leg (30 mins) £26

Using natural bamboo canes to stretch and lengthen tight muscles. Along with this a relaxing balm is used to promote healing.

Anti-Stress Massage (45 mins)

This treatment not only includes the back but scalp and face to help release the stresses of everyday life.

Tranquillity Scalp/Indian Head Massage (30 mins)

Headaches, congestion, stress and troubles are eased away with warm oils and exceptionally relaxing massage techniques, performed on the decollate, face, neck and scalp.

Energising Face & Body Scrub (1 hour)

Dull, tired and lack lustre skin will be buffed away to reveal radiant glowing skin. Perfect for any special occasion.

Purifying Back Treatment (30 mins)

This treatment is the equivalent to a facial but on your back. Your skin will be left soft supple and feeling fresh especially in the hard to reach areas.

Hopi Ear Candling (45 mins)

An ancient Indian technique combined with our own facial massage, perfect for relaxation but will also treat a range of conditions such as blocked sinuses, vertigo, tinnitus and headaches

Reflexology (1 hour)

Pressure points on the feet reflect all parts of your body. Using a special massage technique to stimulate and release any blockages, in order to regain balance and energy flow. Great for general well-being and relaxation.
*(A course is advisable; price varies depending on how many are taken).

Radiant Mum-To-Be ( 1 hour 15 mins)

Specialised face and body treatment with tailored massge techniques to target the needs of expectant Mums.

*Please note timings for treatments may vary slightly